Working German Shepherd FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about German Shepherds.

What is a working German Shepherd?
A Working Dog is any dog that performs tasks to assist humans. Working dogs that are used for protection purposes often excel in areas of intelligence, strength, speed, and sense of smell. In the case of German Shepherds, they were originally bred to herd sheep and to protect them from predators. As the need for herding sheep lessened, German Shepherd working dog moved into the arena of service dogs, assistance dogs, and protection dogs for their companions. K9 dogs are an example of a Working German Shepherd.
What makes a good Working German Shepherd?
There are many qualities a good Working German Shepherd possesses. First, the dog should be healthy. That means no inherited congenital health defects, in particular concerns over hips. The dog should also be accomplished. Working German Shepherd Dogs who are bred specifically to protect their human companions must prove themselves in competitive working dog competitions. Finally, a Working German Shepherd must have received world-class training. The training molds the canine into a trusted companion, capable of seamlessly blending into its owner’s lifestyle and fulfilling its service applications.
What physical characteristics should a Working German Shepherd have?
A well-bred Working German Shepherd should have a height from 55cm-65cm depending on the gender. The head should be wedge shaped, and moderately broad between the ears. The nose should be black, and the eyes should also be very dark in color. The hindquarters of a Working German Shepherd are very important, as malformations can indicate hip problems that are common in the breed. Dogs who come from bloodlines of world championship teams are optimal to avoiding breed defects.
Are all Working German Shepherds capable of being protection dogs?
No. Unfortunately, not all Working German Shepherds are cut out to be protection dogs. The Simanovich team has years of experience in selecting and training the best protection dogs. We know which attributes to look for when choosing a dog, and our world-class trainers use innovative techniques to bring the best out of each Working German Shepherd. A Working German Shepherd without the right kind of training will not perform well under tense situations or pressure.
What service applications can a Working German Shepherd fufill?
Working German Shepherds can fulfill a variety of Protection Dog roles. Simanovich trained dogs can be used for personal protection, family protection, executive protection, or for any other protective duties and numerous other service applications. We do not breed and train dogs to place in any home, each dog is trained with specific criteria and placements in mind. Many of our clients seek protection for their land and homes, while others seek personal protection from an abuser or predator. We take individual situations into account when recommending a specific dog for your situation.

To find the perfect Working German Shepherd for your protection needs, the Simanovich team is ready to help answer your questions

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