Every year, there are about 2,500,000 reported home burglaries and home intrusions in the United States. According to the FBI, the biggest threat you’re facing in your home is burglary. And get this – every 13 seconds, there’s a home intrusion.

The good news is there are paths to improve you & your family’s safety for personal protection.

One option: Get a home security system. It has been shown that homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into. That’s a pretty good indication that investing in a home security system might be a good idea. However, will it be enough? In the event that someone does break into your house, your security system won’t offer any sort of instant protection. Yes, the cops will be alerted of the intrusion, but how long will it take them to arrive at your home? Once they arrive, what happens then? Everyone hides in a closet until the intruder has been apprehended?

Another option: Firearm. Many Americans choose a firearm as their personal protection option for their home. While this is an effective tool, having a firearm brings many other questions. What if you know your intruder, would you be able to fire a gun at them in self-defense? What if the intruder takes control of the weapon during a struggle? Does everyone in the home know how to work a firearm, especially when it’s dark and the target is elusive?

Our favorite option: Protection Dogs. Protection Dogs give instant protection against intruders. A highly-trained German Shepherd is one of the top breeds for protective dogs. When trained properly, the dog will instantly take action to protect you and your family against all types of threats, and can add peace of mind to an existing security system or firearm plan. These dogs are incredibly loyal and intelligent, and they only pose a danger to someone who is threatening you. That’s why four legged security is an excellent choice!