Relying less on Europe’s sources with COVID restrictions, we breed more than ever to produce the young candidates capable of making the grade in our training program. With the Euro often 1.4 times the US Dollar, there is often no value in the imported dog. We literally take the term Made in the USA to another level.A Trained Adolescent German Shepherd

Individual prospects, beginning at seven weeks of age, are evaluated on a daily basis to determine if they will become the next Simanovich trained adult. Because of this approach, we are able to offer the obedience-trained adolescent to our clientele. From time to time, a dog is offered from our program from the adolescent age group. This is a dog bred from the finest working lines the world has to offer, then trained from puppyhood by our talented staff.  The World’s Finest Trained German Shepherds for sale. From our family to your family. Evaluated from birth. Made in the USA.

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