Family Trained German Shepherds from Wayne Simanovich

Family Trained German Shepherds

When a family member starts doing research on breeds and availability for trained protection dogs, it’s no surprise the information trail leads them right to the German Shepherd breed. German Shepherds make wonderful protection dogs, as these dogs are intelligent, alert, loyal, and extremely receptive to precision training. Families who are looking to bring a protection dog into their home should understand the importance of selecting not only the right dog, but the methods used to train the dog. There several factors that influence the outcome of training: Genetic traits, tracking, obedience, protection training, & socialization. Continue reading

Protection Dogs 101

IrkTrained German Shepherds have been used as protection dogs for both police officers and private families for more than 100 years. These dogs are known for being both obedient and hard-working. The breed thrives on human contact, and excels when given direction, top-rated training, a well-balanced diet and good exercise. If you are looking for a protection dog for personal or professional purposes, you will find that the German Shepherd working dog is one of the best breed choices.  Continue reading