More Testimonials

More Testimonials

To say Leena is a good dog is an insult. She’s a GREAT dog. We are very pleased. Thank you, Wayne. She’s awesome.
Cara and Dan Whitney,’

Comedian, aka ‘Larry the Cable Guy’

Our family has purchased two beautiful German Shepherds from Wayne. Both quickly
became part of the family. Both of them well trained and fun to own. We have lived high
profile lives and security is always a concern. Except for a little extra dog hair on my clothes,
he’s just about perfect! Thanks Wayne.
Teresa Earnhardt, President, Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

My family had a need for a fully-trained adult German Shepherd. After quite a bit of research
I contacted Wayne Simanovich. Soon after, Wayne delivered “Tom”. Tom has been a great
addition to our home. He goes everywhere with the family. The security of having Tom
around is unbelievable. Thanks Wayne. He’s a great dog!
 Joe Montana, NFL Legend

 Security is always a concern. There is no finer companionship and security than a well
trained working dog. There is no better provider of this type of dog than Wayne
Simanovich. My family trusts Wayne to provide us with this service. Our dogs are a big part
of our family.
Heath Shuler
United States Congressman

I’ve known Wayne Simanovich for over 25 years. His fundamental understanding of canine
behavior and training is second to none. His innovative techniques, imagination and
recognition of talent makes him the top working-dog trainer in the country. I value his
knowledge almost as much as his friendship
Woody Thurman, ESPN’s Great Outdoors

 Johnny’s a good one. I’ve had several other dogs in the past. This one does what he’s supposed to do. A good dog.
 Richard Childress, NASCAR team owner, RCR Racing

I grew up around dogs and dog trainers. I guess I’ve owned every type of hunting dog and
companion dog imaginable. I’ve dealt with many trainers of many breeds. My best dogs
have come from Wayne Simanovich. He has natural talent and years of experience. He’s the
best. I’m on my fifth dog from Wayne. He won a North American Championship with one of
my dogs. I can’t thank him enough.
 Tony Cloninger, Boston Red Sox

In my job, I can be called out at any time of day or night. I have to deal with crime and
threats on many levels. This places my family at risk. The addition of “Jim” in our home has
added greatly to our feeling of security. He is a loving family member that is ever vigilant in
his job. Wayne Simanovich and his staff have been great through the entire process. I can’t
thank him enough.
 K.H., Federal Bureau Of Investigation

 As a victim of stalking and abuse, I had an immediate need for one of Wayne’s dogs. I had
the best security systems on the market and needed the assistance of law enforcement and
a personal bodyguard. Today all I need is my wonderful dog, “Kai”. He was delivered within
24 hours. He goes everywhere I go and sleeps at the foot of my bed. Now I sleep at night.
Wayne, I can’t thank you enough. I will never be without a dog from Wayne Simanovich.
Otti McLarry, Crime victim

I visited with Wayne while he was training on the West Coast. I didn’t know if I wanted or
even needed a trained dog. I left the training session so impressed that I contacted Wayne’s
office and now have “Yasso” in my home; a home with teenagers flying in and out, a hectic
schedule, another dog and our cat. I love to jog and feel much more at ease with Yasso
around. I now have 2 dogs from Wayne and our son’s family has one too! It’s fun!
Kathy Black, Busy Mom

We live in the middle of town. Busy streets, a small yard and all the distractions that come
with it. “Rocky” is our friend and family member. He sleeps at our bedside and is always a
fixture in our household. We are very happy. Everything is great. Thanks, Wayne.
Brett Rule

 “Perry” is an awesome dog…
 Jerry Stackhouse, NBA Dallas Mavericks

My daughter is a student at a large university. She and her roommate have an apartment in
town. I’m much more relaxed knowing that a very well trained dog shares that apartment.
She is a great dog; almost as nice as the one that travels with me to the office everyday! The
selection and training from Wayne Simanovich is at a higher level than I’ve seen…and I’ve
seen plenty
Dave Milan

There are a lot of german shepherd protection dog trainers available, and we realize you have a choice. client testimonials speak for themselves