Protection Dogs for sale

Protection Dog has years of experience selling top quality family and personal protection dogs with customized training for everyday life.

We are not brokers, we own the dogs we sell. We train and sell high quality dogs from American & Imported german shepherd lines, trained to obey, protect and defend in REAL EVERYDAY LIFE scenarios. Our dogs are not equipment oriented; they are not playing a game. We work with dogs that have a natural defensive drive or instinct to protect. Most of our dogs are registered but again is not what impresses us. Instead we look for balanced nerves, balanced drives, desire to please, and innate defensive instinct. Of course we also consider looks – we all like a good looking dog.

A professionally trained dog from Protection Dog will be an alarm, a deterrent, a defender and companion all at once. By selecting and working with young, healthy and smart dogs of the right temperament and drives we can guarantee that your dog will be loving, obedient, well behaved, easy to handle and ready to defend your family and property should the need arise.

Protection dogs for sale.