Protection Dog for Sale in NJ

Protection Dog for sale in NJ provided by our Award Winning Staff. For over 33 years, Wayne Simanovich has been working towards the goal of excellence in working dog competitions and providing protection dogs for individuals, families and businesses across the great state of New Jersey. Operating out of our training facility in North Carolina, the Simanovich family has a long history as one of the nation’s most knowledgeable and experienced trainers in all facets of owning a working German Shepherd protection dog.  Successes in international training competitions, is but one of the reasons Simanovich has been able to develop strong relationships with trainers and breeders from all over Europe specializing in German Shepherd breeding and protection dog training.  With these developments, Wayne Simanovich has become a leader in the industry of importing, training and placing fully-trained adult protection dogs and the finest quality working German Shepherd Puppies in homes like yours.

Protection Dogs for Sale

Protection Dogs for Sale

Simanovich and his staff are intensely involved in placing you with a dog that can quickly accommodate your lifestyle, including any security needs.  Our company highly values the development of a personal relationship with all of our customers and takes the time needed to provide you with a customized purchasing experience. We understand that finding the right dog is not just looking through a catalog but a long term investment.  Everyone’s needs are different and Wayne and his company understand the importance of providing you with a well trained dog that will increase your quality of life. Simanovich protection dogs are not guard dogs, they give you not only great peace of mind but genuinely become a valued companion.  Imagine a protection dog you can take to work, to the soccer game with your children, or on walk through the city.  Having a Simanovich-trained protection dog will provide you with much needed security without the extra hassle and risk of carrying a firearm or going into certain situations without out any protection at all. Think of security you and your loved ones can play with.

Many people have never considered or aren’t aware of such a non-conventional way of security. More traditional means are often faulty and can be used against you.  An intruder can never take your dog from you and your dog will sense and alert you of danger before any wired alarm system. Wayne’s company sees it as a service to educate everyone of the time-honored tradition of owning a working dog that goes back in history for generations; A practice that seems to have been lost in the mindset of using weaponry and technology to do what nature can more effectively provide for us. Wayne Simanovich would like to invite you to review our site, engage in people’s stories that have purchased one of our dogs and open your mind to the idea of becoming a dog owner. We guarantee once you make the leap, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of owning one of our protection dogs.  We don’t want to just sell you a dog, we want to provide you with a Simanovich-Trained German Shepherd that will become a member of your family. A dog that will start a new chapter of your life. We have knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions or concerns. Call today. You’ll be glad you did….

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