Personal Protection Dogs for Sale


We want to promote personal and family safety in a way that adds to the overall quality of life for each person choosing one of our fully trained protection dogs. The Wayne Simanovich Team carefully selects and trains each working German Shepherd to become a protection dog, to transfer to homes just like yours. Our dogs are trained to international standards, fully trained in real life situations, and completely accustomed to family life and all of the chaos that comes with it. We will deliver the world’s best protection dog.The best the world has to offer in Peace of Mind. A Wayne Simanovich trained protection dog.

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Looking for a protection dog? Find a new family friend. When searching the internet for “protection dogs for sale,” you’ll find numerous websites promoting their wares. With instant information promoting an unregulated industry its easy for one to hang a sign or build a flashy “Protection Dogs” website. Over thirty years of experience, backed by prestigious wins in international protection dog competitions, an impressive list of references and a talented training staff are all reasons you have landed on the right page for protection dogs.