German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Charlotte

Country of Origin: Germany.

Size: Shoulder height: 22 – 26 inches. Weight: 60 – 90 pounds.

Coat: The German Shepherd should have a double coat of medium length hair. The coat should be dense, straight, harsh, and lying close to the body.

Character: This breed is intelligent, friendly and tends to be calm without aggression.

Temperament: They tend to be very good with the children they are raised around but can be suspicious of other children. German Shepherds can be good with other pets if they are raised around them.

Care: This breed needs to take daily walks and have a nice back yard to run in. Daily brushings are also needed.

Training: Obedience training will definitely help with their social skills and their obedience.

Activity: German Shepherds need a lot of activity.