German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Missouri


When looking for German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Missouri please contact our offices, or visit our website at  Our German Shepherd puppies come from Europe’s top performance pedigrees. Our breedings represent the finest the world has to offer in a working German Shepherd puppy, providing you with the companionship, security and fun we enjoy.

Our German Shepherd Puppies will add comfort and security to your home.

Unlike most German Shepherd breeders, we place priority on the working aspects of the German Shepherd and the breeding of dogs with significant working accomplishments. This helps ensure you and your family quality from the ground up. Our German Shepherd puppies are the product of award-winning parents and years of experience in working dog tournaments. German Shepherd puppies from our breeding program produce young adults capable of many jobs, including but not limited to a trusty family companion.

With limited availability and high demand, contact our office today. Fill out our website contact form for the latest video clips, photos and information on availability. Information and current photos are also available on our Facebook page at This page will focus on German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Missouri. This will include Protection Dogs for Sale in Missouri. All video will be uploaded to support this page.