Being Anna Simanovich

Aug 30, 2012

Hello All!   I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am Wayne Simanovich’s oldest child, that on a beautiful fall day in October was brought into a world that I am so blessed to have experienced. Recently, I’ve felt compelled to share my stories of growing up immersed in my father’s love of working dogs and my family’s contributions to the world of breeding, training and helping others enjoy the working German Shepherd. It’s helped shape who I am. Hopefully posting my experiences on owning a trained German Shepherd can change your life as well. I am 26, living in Raleigh, North Carolina and have a passion for working with all walks of life. I hope my stories will give you insight to a world that Americans have seldom had the opportunity to enjoy. I’ve met many interesting people and have seen many wonderful dogs.So sit back and enjoy!

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